Men's Wooden Watch -
The Blue Spruce

The Spruce is a Blue Dial Wooden Watch for Men bringing a touch of color to your style.

Not all spruces are alike but they sure are undeniably exquisite and with The Blue Spruce classic timepiece, you’ll be evoking a colorfully rich look that shatters self-doubt instantly. 

The beautifully detailed dial features a half blue, half red numbered border and a shimmering blue center that's enriched by geometric hour signs for a final look unlike any other.

Meanwhile, the oyster style wristband is crafted with premium wood in a single black-toned finish that adds an organic touch of fashion to this timepiece. 

Add a luxurious element to your daily ensemble with The Blue Spruce and order yours online today! 

  • Diameter: 41mm

    Band : Natural Wood

    Width of band: 25mm

    Length of band: 200mm

    Classic Quartz Movement

    Made with premium timber in a stunning rustic tone