Men's Wooden Watch -
The Mantiqueira

The Mantiqueira is a Chronograph Wooden Watch for Men, combining wood and steel in the purest of ways. Impose your own unique style.

A timepiece for a true showman, The Mantiqueira is designed with stunning rustic timber and complementary dark tones that solidify its natural, luxurious appeal.

The classic quartz dial is encased with steel trimmings and a thin, round, wooden strip that further enforces a bold look that is sure to get some heads turning everywhere you go. 

This Chronograph Watch comes with a built-in timer, stopwatch, and calendar function that also makes it handy for daily use.

Exemplify the meaning of luxury in The Mantiqueira for a dramatic upscale look and order yours online today! 

  • Diameter: 44.Tmm

    Band : Wood & Steel

    Width of band: 22.3mm

    Length of band: 220mm

    Classic Quartz Movement

    A stunning combination of rustic wood an durable steel