Men's Wooden Watch -
The Adonis

The Adonis is a Trendy Wooden Watch with a Black Strap, perfectly adapted to men wishing to define their own style.

Exemplifying luxury with its refined, classic analog dial, The Adonis is a true gentleman's timepiece. It is handcrafted using premium cut timber, which is then stained in this rich rustic tone for a natural look with classy charm. 

The wide dial features a shimmering stainless steel coating in classic time quartz movement that solidifies its upscale appeal with a golden stamp on it. 

Unlike other Wooden Watches, The Adonis cares about your skin's comfort which is why the smooth-cut wood doesn't yank or pull on hair or skin whatsoever.

Carry a sense of luxury on all your daily strolls around the city in The Adonis and order yours online today! 

  • Diameter: 40mm

    Band : Natural Wood

    Width of band: 24mm

    Length of band: 220mm

    Classic Quartz Movement

    Wide steel dial with a dark, rustic wristband