Men's Wooden Watch -
The Alpine Erine

L'Erine is a Wooden Watch worked down to the smallest detail offering a striking rendering.

Imagine a woodsy, mountainous terrain with the fragrant scent of pine filling the air. The Alpine Ernie is just the timepiece that embodies that imaginative thought.

Its solid wood finish is brilliantly contrasted with a jet-black dial detailed with golden numbers for a complete look that boasts modern luxury everywhere you go.

A classic quartz movement timepiece, The Alpine Ernie will surely leave you feeling bolder and more confident on a daily basis.

Make your everyday look stand out with The Alpine Ernie and order yours online today! 

  • Diameter: 4Tmm

    Band : Natural Wood

    Width of band: 25.4mm

    Length of band: 175mm

    Classic Quartz Movement

    Solid light-toned wood for a stunning natural appeal