Men's Wooden Bracelet -
The Birch

The Birch is a Trendy Bracelet for Men, combining two complementary materials: Wood & Steel.

With its rustic design, The Birch offers a high-end look with natural elements that make it an absolute classic.

Crafted from exceptional wood by our experienced craftsmen, this Wooden Bracelet has a smooth texture that is pleasant to the touch. Sculpted down to the smallest detail, it will be the subject of all covetousness.

The stainless steel metal not only adds a luxurious charm but also offers a durable strength that will stand the test of time.

Elevate your everyday style with this Wood & Steel Bracelet and order yours online today!

    • Length : 188 mm * 15.5 mm (Adjustable)

      Material : Wood and Steel

      Easily Adjustable

      Fitting material supplied