Men's Wooden Watch -
The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn is a Minimalist Wooden Watch, designed to impose your unique style.

A solid dark tone with natural elements, like premium cut timber, makes The Hawthorn a classic timepiece that will always leave a lasting impression.

Its solid wood structure is smoothly cut to perfection with a complementary oversized dial that draws attention in all the right ways. 

If you’re looking for a way to make your daily look stand out, then you can’t go wrong with The Hawthorn classic wristwatch.

Walk confidently wearing This Wooden Watch on all your daily trips around the city and order yours online today!  

  • Diameter: 40mm

    Band : Natural Wood

    Width of band: 20mm

    Length of band: 220mm

    Classic Quartz Movement

    Solid, dark-toned wood for a contemporary appeal