Wooden Sunglasses -
The Kophiphi

The Kophiphi are Pink Wooden Sunglasses for exceptional women. Bring a chic and trendy side to your style.

A stunning rose gold lens and complimentary light-toned wood make The Kophiphi the must-have shades for 2020 and beyond.

They’re handmade with strong wood, smoothly cut to perfection for an authentic appeal that boasts modern luxury ever so sweetly. 

The lenses were designed with anti-UVA and UVB sunlight protection for superior shade that doesn’t sacrifice any style whatsoever. 

Enrich your everyday look with The Kophiphi for a sinfully decadent look and order yours online today! 

  • Length of lens: 47mm

    Width of lens : 50mm

    Anti UVA, UVB sunlight protection

    Unisex design