Men's Wooden Watch -
The Iris

The Iris is a brightly Red Wooden Watch. Give your style a boost with this unique piece.

If you’re looking for a statement wooden timepiece to finish off your daily ensemble, then The Iris is without question just the one for you. 

Its striking natural appeal owes itself to a premium wooden structure and modern all-black dial for a complete look that turns heads everywhere you go.

The stainless steel trimmings make this authentic piece durable and sure to last you a lifetime of use, guaranteed.

There's also a noticeable second hand in a shimmering red steel tone that finishes this piece with a classy touch.

Elevate your everyday fashion ensemble with The Iris and order yours online today!

  • Diameter: 44mm

    Band : Wood & Steel

    Width of band: 22mm

    Length of band: 200mm

    Classic Quartz Movement

    Made with premium timber in a stunning rustic tone