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The Wooden Bow Tie is a must in the wardrobes of people looking for excellence and originality. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, or as a gift idea, it is the essential natural accessory for your events! Our collection of bow tie kits has been designed to give you an inimitable style, combining authenticity and naturalness.



Is the size adjustable?

Yes. All our bow ties are equipped with an adjustable ribbon. All you have to do is enlarge or shrink the band to fit it perfectly to your neck!

What are the dimensions of the bow tie ?

Our wooden bow ties are on average 12cm long and 5cm high.

How to wear a wooden bow tie?

The wooden bow tie is worn like a classic bow tie, with a shirt with a closed collar and, preferably, with a blazer to unlock its full potential. Contrary to popular belief, being made of wood does not make it heavier than a classic bowtie,  but it does give you an inimitable style. Ideally, it is advisable to match the color of the fabric to that of your outfit for harmony's sake!

 Why should I wear a wooden bow tie?

For originality: What could be more banal than a classic bow tie? What could be more "has been" than a tie? Times are changing, and so are the clothes. In addition, this accessory has the advantage of being eco-friendly! 

For ecology: As you probably know, for every Nordic Wood product sold, we give you the opportunity to plant a tree (free of charge) thanks to our partner One Tree Planted. Save CO2 with this ecological gesture 

And then, if you don't want to wear it and prefer to share it with someone else, it's an original gift idea!

What does it take to make a bow tie?

It depends on our models. Some bow ties require a few hours of workshop work in order to be made. The boxes, on the other hand, require more time and usually take one to two days. 




  • 1x Wooden Bowtie
  • 1x Cufflinks
  • 1x Decorative fabric
  • 1x Storage box
  • 1x Lapel flower


Features :

 Material: Wood, cotton, polyester 

Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide. 

Size: One size only (Adjustable) 

Shape: Geometric 

Sex: Unisex


Our delivery times are between 5 and 14 business days due to the artisanal production.