Bow Tie Set -
The Jasmine

The Jasmine is a Wooden Bow Tie Set that will fit perfectly with each of your outfits.

This Bow Tie Box is the perfect accessory for your most important events (wedding, ceremony, seminar, etc.).

Worn with a shirt or as a Suit Accessory, it will give you an authentic and distinguished look.

Stand out with a trendy wooden bow tie and order yours now!

  • Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide.

    Material: Wood, cotton, polyester

    Wood: Ebony, Bamboo, Maple

    Size: One size only (Adjustable)


    What does the set contains ? :

    1x Wooden Bow Tie

    1x Cufflinks

    1x Suit Pocket

    1x Storage Box

    1x Lapel Flower