Wooden Bow Tie -
The Jordanian Fig Tree

The Jordanian Fig Tree is a Trendy & Original Bow Tie with Cork. Opt for an out-of-the-ordinary style.

This Suit Accessory is undoubtedly the piece that will punctuate your outfit during your events and ceremonies.

The Wooden Bow Tie, combined with a Suit Pocket Square with similar colors, will be the object of all covetousness.

Do you have children? Why not match your bow tie with your son's bow tie thanks to our collection of Wooden Bow Ties for Children.

Develop a Chic Look in your own image and order your piece online today!

  • Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide.

    Material: Wood, cotton, polyester

    Wood: Ebony, Bamboo, Maple

    Size: One size only (Adjustable)