Bow Tie Set -
Virginia Tulip Tree

The Virginia Tulip Tree is a Yellow Wooden Bow Tie offering an incomparable design. Define your own style.

Looking for an accessory for your Suit? The Wooden Bow Tie is undoubtedly the Suit Accessory you need.

Simultaneously authentic and distinguished, it will bring charm to your outfit. Matching its Wooden Cufflinks and Pocket Square, it will be the subject of many discussions.

Distinguish yourself during your most important events with a trendy Wooden Bow and order your unique piece online!

  • Dimensions: 12cm long x 5cm wide.

    Material: Wood, cotton, polyester

    Wood: Ebony, Bamboo, Maple

    Size: One size only (Adjustable)


    What does the set contains ? :

    1x Wooden Bow Tie

    1x Cufflinks

    1x Suit Pocket

    1x Storage Box